COVID-19 Good in OC

Orange County’s Most Vulnerable Families Need Your Family’s Help

Your family can help a struggling family remain housed.

If your family had the opportunity to make a direct impact on preventing the homelessness of another local family, would you step-up to help? That’s what Orange County United Way’s OC Family to Family Campaign is all about — families helping families.

Through the campaign, families that are struggling with reduced income caused by COVID-19 are receiving $500 emergency debit cards to pay for essentials like rent and food so that they don’t fall into homelessness.

While $500 may not seem like a lot, it is helping families that live paycheck to paycheck with bridging the gap while they wait for benefits like unemployment to kick-in.

One mother shared that she used the funds to pay for diapers and rent while she waited for unemployment in this OC Register article.

Orange County United Way hopes to help 2,000 families through this campaign and needs your family’s help to make this happen.

Your Family’s Impact

Whether your family can donate $5 or $500, the donation will have a direct impact on helping another family. If you are able to donate the full $500, your family will be the reason another family remained house.

Double Your Impact

The Lyons-Smith Family Foundation is generously providing a dollar for dollar match during this campaign, up to $500,000. This means if your family donates $5, it becomes $10.

If your family donates $500 while the match is available, it will be the reason that two families get an emergency debit card to remain housed, healthy, and safe.

Make an Impact Today

100% of all donations received will go toward a family in need. If you would like to donate today, click here.

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