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Orange County’s Spookiest Haunts & Events for Halloween 2023

As the familiar breeze of October sweeps through Orange County, the region reveals its darker, more mysterious side. While we cherish our sunlit beaches and bustling attractions year-round, Halloween introduces a spectral twist to our local landscape. Ready to discover the most haunting spots and festivities OC has in store this season?

Black Star Canyon

Nestled within the Santa Ana Mountains, Black Star Canyon is not only a popular hike but is also the site of many legends, from Native American spirits to the ghosts of Spanish settlers. Legends, such as the tragically infamous Black Star Canyon Indian Massacre, hint at a bloody conflict between local Native Americans and fur trappers, albeit with scant historical documentation to substantiate the accounts. Stories from the 19th century depict the canyon as a den of illegal activities, from cattle rustling to bandit hideouts, while tales from the subsequent years narrate harrowing incidents of mining accidents in the canyon’s coal operations, layering more melancholy to the locale’s spectral lore.

In more contemporary narratives, whispers of occult practices and grim murders in the 20th century waft through the local tales, entwining the natural beauty of the canyon with an unsettling atmosphere. Visitors often speak of ghostly apparitions, unnerving screams, and an inexplicably ominous aura enveloping certain parts of the canyon. The myriad of stories, despite their elusive veracity, magnetize both thrill-seekers and ghost hunters alike, intertwining the tangible trails with the intangible tales of the beyond. Always tread with respect and skepticism when exploring such storied landscapes. While you can trek on your own, there are ghost tours available as well.

Yost Theater

Built in 1912, the Yost Theater in Santa Ana is the oldest theater in Orange County but has since become a special event venue and popular night club. Over the years, there have been reports of ghostly sightings and eerie happenings. Staff, performers, and patrons have reported various inexplicable occurrences, such as unexplained noises, flickering lights, and even apparitions. Stories and experiences often center around the belief that the theater is haunted by several spirits, including former employees and patrons of the theater from its earlier days.

Given its rich history and the numerous tales of supernatural occurrences, The Yost Theater often captures the interest of ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts, particularly around the Halloween season. These days, the Yost has leaned into its popularity as a haunted locale, and if you’re 21+, on Saturday, October 28 you can come and uniquely experience the theatre yourself at their their Second Annual Halloween at the Haunted Yost Theatre. Don your most imaginative costumes and join fellow revelers in an eerie yet electrifying night amidst tales of flickering lights and lingering apparitions. A fun way to celebrate the spooky season by dancing the night away, perhaps alongside some of the theater’s timeless spirits!

Yorba Cemetery

The Pink Lady Ghost of the Yorba Cemetery in Yorba Linda is a famous urban legend centered in one of the oldest cemeteries in North OC. Though there are several versions of the tale, the most common reports a pink mist that forms a young woman who supposedly died in a buggy accident in the early 20th century. Every June 15, hundreds of curious thrill seekers spend the night in the cemetery outside the gates hoping to catch a glimpse of her when she supposedly rises from her grave between midnight and 3 AM.

The cemetery is open to the public on the first Saturday of every month from 10 am to 11 am.

Anaheim Fall Festival & Halloween Parade

Looking for something a little more family friendly? Every October, Anaheim transforms into a hub of spooky revelry with its legendary Fall Festival & Halloween Parade. Established in 1924, this year’s Festival & Parade falls on Saturday, October 28. Iconic figures like ghosts, witches, and monsters make frequent appearances, both in the parade and around the festival, adding a layer of light-hearted fright to the festivities. Eerie yet enchanting setups, such as haunted houses and mystical mazes, invite attendees to step into intricately crafted worlds of fun and fear, where unexpected surprises and playful scares await around every corner.

The parade itself serves as a bewitching spectacle where spookiness comes to life through creatively designed floats that showcase a variety of themes, from the whimsically macabre to the delightfully terrifying. Spectators are treated to a visual feast of ghostly apparitions, dancing skeletons, and other supernatural beings that whimsically float down the parade route, embodying the spirit of Halloween in every ethereal glide and spectral twirl. These spooky elements, combined with the lively and communal atmosphere of the festival, ensure a balance of joyful celebration and themed, seasonal frights that have become synonymous with the event.

Knott’s Scary Farm

Marking its 50th anniversary this year, Knott’s Scary Farm spectacularly claims its title as Southern California’s premier Halloween event, striking a masterful balance between horror and entertainment. Visitors find themselves plunged into a world where spine-chilling scare zones, perplexing haunted mazes, and eerie rides are the norm, each element meticulously engineered to evoke shivers and shrieks amidst the laughter and thrill. This seasoned haunt, while devoid of genuine ghost stories, expertly crafts a spectral atmosphere, bringing to life the macabre and the fantastical in a safe, yet hauntingly immersive environment.

Knott’s assures that the absence of true paranormal tales does not dampen the spectral spirit that pervades the park. The brilliance of theatrical horror, compelling special effects, and convincingly frightful performances conjoin to simulate a paranormally charged atmosphere. The Scary Farm doesn’t just curate horror—it engineers it, ensuring that every scream, while birthed from crafted illusions, is genuine in its fear and delight.

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